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6 Switzerland Travel Tips To Know Before You Go

Can you hear the clanging of cow bells echoing across the hills? Imagine the fragrant cheese and delicious chocolate. Get lost (but not too lost, K?) in the serenity and beauty of the Alps.  Switzerland’s people and it’s culture are waiting for you to enjoy! Let’s turn your dream trip to reality! Here’s a few tips to help you get the most out of your Swiss travel adventure.

For starters, Switzerland is a landlocked country known for it’s majestic mountains, it’s neutral position in world government and, of course, cheese and chocolate.  Switzerland travel can be expensive, but when you have these swiss travel tips at hand, you will be able to make the best decisions for your budget and your time Ready to create your perfect swiss travel adventure? Let’s go!

When To Go.

Most Affordable: January – March
Best Weather: July – September
Skiing: December – April


Many towns are named for their cheeses, or is it the other way around? Many cheeses are named for their towns?  Either way, both the cheese and the town are feast worthy.  Check out these places and their cheese:

Emmentaler – Named after the Emmental river.

Appenzeller –  The Appenzell region has tasty mild cheese and beautiful meadow hiking.

Gruyere -It’s produced throughout Switzerland, but the best is likely found in the town with the same name.

Alp Cheese – this cheese is found all over Switzerland too, but only in the summer. Each cheese takes on the flavour of the alpine area the cows have grazed in all summer.



  • Punctuality is highly valued by the Swiss. Be on time. 
  • If it’s a dinner party, try everything and don’t leave any food on your plate.
  • Knife in your right hand, fork in your left. Don’t switch ’em. Keep your hands above the table when not using cutlery.
  • When finished, lay your fork (tines up) & knife diagonal across plate, handles to the bottom right.
  • Keep your hands out of your pockets when speaking to someone.
Headed to Switzerland? Here are a few travel tips to know before you you. #VisitSwitzerland #DreamPlanGo #Captiv8compass #SwissTravelGuide


In 1819 Francois-Louis Cailler created the first chocolate bar. Fifty years later his son-in-law added milk to the recipe. He partnered with Henri Nestle, and together they developed milk chocolate.  We’ve been craving and drooling over swiss milk chocolate ever since. From Toblerone to Lindt, Frey to Läderach, Swiss made chocolate is world renowned. You can even enjoy the Lindt Chocolate Experience in Lucerne.  

Quick Tips

  • Currency is the Swiss Franc or the CHF.
  • Switzerland is part of the Schengen Zone. It has some tourist visit length limitations. If you are in Schengen for longer than 90 days, you need a special visa.
  • While the CHF to USD exchange rate might look quite good, the cost of living in Switzerland is quite high. Budget accordingly .
Headed to Switzerland? Here are a few travel tips to know before you you. #VisitSwitzerland #DreamPlanGo #Captiv8compass #SwissTravelGuide

Words To Know

Switzerland has 4 national languages – German, Italian, French and Romanish. Everyone speaks German and then at least 1 or 2 others based on the region. 

Here’s a few helpful German words:

Guten Tag – Hello/Good Day

Auf Wiedersehen – Good-bye

Bitte – Please

Danke – Thank you

Bitte Schön – You’re Welcome

Entschuldigen sie – Pardon me./I’m sorry.

Ya – Yes

Nein – No

Switzerland's people and it's culture are waiting for you to enjoy! Here's a few tips to help you get the most out of your Swiss travel adventure.

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  1. Erin McGann Reply

    Ah! Emmental is actually named after the Emme river, tal means valley in German, and -er is added to place names to show something or someone comes from there – so it’s literally cheese from the Emme valley. 😉

    • Shannan Swindler Reply

      Thanks for sharing your local knowledge, Erin. The German language is not my strong point (yet!) so I appreciate learning the fine nuances that help me better understand the culture and region. Thanks for helping me learn something new today!

    • Shannan Swindler Reply

      You are going to love Switzerland! Have a fab time and if you need any light reading while enroute, there are a number of Switzerland articles. Make sure you find out about how to get into over 400 the Swiss museums for free!

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