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Visual Latin is the bomb! My kids love it! Every. Single. School Day. Learn & Laugh your way thru latin!

Want your kids to LOVE learning Latin?

We love Latin at our house (we really do)! But there are days when it is a struggle to conjugate and decline those verbs and nouns without going Cray Cray!

I have some fairly specific criteria for most of my curriculum choices now that we live outside the US.  Ideally, it should be .pdf-based and/or streamed content. This allows us to go anywhere and still accomplish school.  All we need is a Wi-Fi connection! Oh, and ear buds!

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The Summer Curriculum Hunt
Learn & laugh with Visual Latin! At Captivating Compass, latin is our favorite. How about you?

In my hunt over the summer for our next level or Latin curriculum, I stumbled onto Compass Classroom.  They meet my basic criteria – .pdf based and streamed lessons.   If you have not checked them out, go do it!  They have excellent resources, priced well and even have the  Homeschool Mega Bundle with multiple subjects for one monthly subscription price. Such a sweet deal! Check it out!




Testing 1, 2, 3

Learn & laugh with Visual Latin! At Captivating Compass, latin is our favorite. How about you?If you are like me, you might want to test their sample lessons with your kids before you decide on the Latin.  WOW! Did you know you can get 6 FREE Visual Latin Lessons! We did their sample lessons over 2 weeks and learned and laughed so much! There is no way to NOT  Laugh through Latin! Dwane Thomas is intelligent, and engaging. We laugh every day it seems!  I’m sure the laughing helps improve the memory and understanding!

Oodles of Extras!

Along with the Streamed videos, Compass Classroom provides worksheets, vocabulary lists, and quizzes. They also use Quizlet for vocabulary practice. Check out their Resources Tab! It includes Latin readers, links to listen to Latin texts being read. It is such a rich curriculum!  Did I mention you should really go check them out? Right now they are having an A-MAZ-ING Deal! Often, you can get the first month of the Compass Classroom Homeschool Mega-Bundle for $1. Check and see if they are having a sale. This includes Visual Latin 1 along with 7 other subjects!

Learn & laugh with Visual Latin! At Captivating Compass, latin is our favorite. How about you? We LOVE hanging out with Dwane every day!  He’s making this year’s Latin fun and fantastic!  No more Cray-Cray here!

How do you tackle the difficult subjects in your homeschool day!





 We LOVE hanging out with Dwane every day!  He's making this year's Latin fun and fantastic!

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