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Increase Your Social Shares In 3 Easy Steps

Try Social Warfare and watch your shares increase. Have your readers share what you want them to share.

What are your thoughts on social share buttons? When I heard about Social Warfare, I was like, “Whaaat?”  “I don’t get it. Why do I need their share button? I can get those anywhere.” Then I loaded their plug-in and started fiddling around. Whoooa, Baby!  There is some power in that little plug-in! It does way more than count social shares.  I started getting excited. It’s been Magic!

With Social Warfare, you just give people the

image & description you want them to share! 

Try Social Warfare and watch your shares increase. Have your readers share what you want them to share.

Here’s what you do for Pinterest & Facebook :

Step 1: Load the image.

Step2: Write the description.

Step 3: Choose where you want your share buttons to be.  

That’s all there is to it! So simple!!

Social Warfare has oodles of other fancy bells and whistle too.  But honestly, I’m just uber excited that it works so well for guiding readers to share what you, the blogger, want them to share. But look what else Social Warfare offers!

Social Warfare’s Bells & Whistles

  • Per-Network Settings 
  • Per-Post Settings
  • Network Options
  • Click To Tweet
  • Shortlink Compatibility
  • Analytics Support
  • Visual and Display Choices
  • No Bloat
  • Frame Buster
  • Excellent Support

Here’s My Take Away On Social Warfare.

Social Warfare's “click to tweet” feature allows the reader to tweet what you want them to. Sweet!Click To Tweet
  • It supports bitly links. We all love short links, right?!
  • It has a frame buster – I totally needed that!  Don’t get me going on what a nightmare “start a fire” was.  My son called it Spam O’ Fire, but that’s for a different post (maybe, I still need to recover first).
  • Customer Service – It’s what separates the “good” from the “Freaking Amazing” companies. Social Warfare is solidly in the latter camp.

Alright, go try Social Warfare for yourself. Then, come back here & tell me what you think. I’d love to hear from you!

You want more mompreneur tools?

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Increase Social Shares in 3 Easy Steps. Try Social Warfare and watch your social shares increase. Have your readers share what you want them to share.

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