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Schedule Instagram Posts

 Schedule Instagram Posts & Do More of What You Love

Ok, so I’ve been using Instagram for exactly 39 days. “WHAT?!?” you say.  “You’re just now getting on Instagram? But you know it’s the best way to share your photos & creatives, promote your blog or product, and create a massive group of followers, right?”

Yep, I knew all that, but I could not wrap my head around it with all the other things I’ve been learning this past year.  (Check out my Happy-Blogiversary  post to find out how I went from not knowing a post from a page or a widget from a plug-in to my first year.)

You see, I had a couple hurdles to clear before I was ready to schedule Instagram posts.

  • I’m fairly attached to my laptop.
  • I struggle to find the time to create and post from my phone.
  • I was a bit too overwhelmed to learn yet another app.

Can you relate?

But I had a friend using Instagram. She added 250 new subscribers to her email list in just 10 days! Now those results might not be typical (I really have no idea). All I know is that I needed to carve out some time to wrap my head around Instagram and start letting this tool generate some momentum for my website. 

Ready. Aim. Schedule!! When it comes to time vs. money. a multi-platform scheduling tool is what you need! Come on over and check out another Mompreneur Toolbox favorite!

Now, I’m all for building relationship & interaction on the different platforms, but I was maxed out. I’m a homeschooling mama running a business.  This mompreneur is busy! When I found out my Insta-friend was posting manually, I was bummed. I had to find a better way that fit my style if Instagram was going to take flight for me. 

I was already using Tailwind for Pinterest with steady growth. Maybe it was time to see what the Tailwind for Instagram app was all about. If it could somehow interface between my laptop (where I do all my creatives) and my phone (where I have to manage Instagram) I would be set. I also really wanted to have some type of re-posting feature so I wouldn’t be re-inventing the wheel every time I wanted to post.

Create. Schedule. Receive Notification on Phone. Post.

Tailwind's Instagram Hashtag Finder Tool. Schedule Instagram PostsUmm. Well. It’s like the folks at Tailwind were reading my mind!  The interface between laptop & phone was like magic. That’s it? Create. Schedule. Receive Notification on Phone. PostThat’s all there was to it? Why had a I waited so long?

But wait. It get’s even better. In that little space between create & schedule, I had to pick hashtags! I would have been in a panic but Tailwind offers the best hashtags for your post, too.

With Tailwind for Instagram, you can even save lists of hashtags! Yes! No more having documents containing hashtags to use. No more copy & paste. It’s all right there waiting to help you drive traffic to your account, profile or website.  And in true Tailwind form, they help you select the best time slots for reaching your niche and your followers. I love Tailwind! They have made it so easy. I don’t know why I hesitated.

They even gave me this little video to share with you. Look how amazing the hashtag finder is! Go now, watch the video, grab the free trial & find out for yourself how easy it is to create, schedule and post to Instagram. You’ve got better things to get to, right?

Stay Captivated!

Schedule Instagram Posts & Do More of What You Love. Create. Schedule. Receive Notification on Phone. Post. That's all there is to it!

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