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Recently I posted about our challenges with making mid-year curriculum changes.  I promised to show you our top choices and point you toward samples to try .  I'm here to deliver on that promise!  This time we are talking about writing.Help! My kids hate writing!

Am I alone in that?  I’ve got one reluctant writer who would rather read, and read, and read (not complaining – just the facts!) until her eyes fall out.  The moment I suggest writing a few sentences about what she read, she freezes.  I get things like “I read a book about a girl.”  Well, not quite that bad, but you get what I’m saying, right?  My son isn’t much better! He can’t sit still to hold a pencil long enough to form a few letters, to make a few words, to create a sentence.  And you should have seen the look when I said it’s time to learn how to put those sentences into one nice paragraph.  He bolted from the room!

Luckily, I have Institute for Excellence in Writing in my curriculum arsenal. IEW has crafted such high quality products for the reluctant writer (and the not-so-reluctant)! There truly is something for everyone.Click To Tweet 

I learned to love Institute for Excellence in Writing ( whilst living and homeschooling in the U.S. I had no idea how much I would appreciate IEW, once we moved overseas!  I have a pretty strict criteria for quality curriculum now. (See this post to learn about that criteria.) While not all their curriculum is in PDF format (yet), many of their samples are. So you can try a few lessons before you jump in.

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Why we love IEW:

At Captivating Compass we've found that IEW is helpful even with the most reluctant writer. Check 'em out!

Click picture for FREE sample.

      • PDF format (of course!)
      • IEW offers something for every age level – kindergarten to college(!) So whether your kids love to write or are still considered a reluctant writer,  they’ve got it!
      • The have a HUGE variety of subjects to write about and loads of topics within each subject.  Check out some of these: Following Narnia (one of my faves!), American Literature, Ancient, Medieval or U.S. history, how to write a novel, poetry, science. The list goes on!
      • Most workbooks at have some type of sample lesson similar to the one you will find if you click on the “Following Narnia” image above. So, if you aren’t into Narnia, look around for something that will engage your kiddo & you.
      • IEW has great sales & giveaways. Especially around Christmas.

My kids ARE becoming creative writers! It doesn’t happen overnight. But, I am seeing creativity popping up in inspiring places.  Just last week I found my son’s list of “minecraft scene ideas”.  He wrote down some pretty detailed ideas! Hooray for us and hooray for IEW!  

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Thank you IEW for the creating a curriculum that produces creative, thoughtful writers!  My house is now filled with more joy and laughter as we share our stories and ideas. Smiles all around!

If you’re curious about our other top choices, here’s the links.

Compass Classroom 

Knowledge Quest

Philosophy Adventure

Khan Academy 

What are your favorite curriculum choices and why does your family love them? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.


Turn your reluctant writer into an avid, creative writer with this awesome curriculum.  I'll also share my review & a FREE printable!

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