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You thought I was going to say “Fire!” Didn’t you!?!  

Well, Tailwind has the firepower, but you don’t have to pull the trigger. Tailwind is a scheduling app that lets you do the loading, but they “pull the trigger” on Pinterest Pins and Instagram posts. It’s an enormous time saver! And that means it’s a lifesaver because I have more time for things like family, writing and ambitious adventures.  I can sit down once a week (or once a month, if I like) & schedule everything out and then just press “Schedule”. It’s all there working in the background while I’m out running errands, on holiday or chasing butterflies (and kids).

I’ve been using Tailwind long enough to know how powerful it is. I can not count the hours I’ve saved by scheduling posts & pins and then moving on to the things I’m passionate about.  But, I’ll admit, wrapping my head around Tailwind’s scheduling power became way simpler once I heard about Kate, over at Simple Pin Media, and her Master Tailwind course. She explained everything!  

Kate’s Master Tailwind course focuses on 5 main areas so you don’t get caught in the tail-spin!  

✔ How to use board lists for pinning your own content

✔ What is batch pinning and how to use it

✔ How to use Content Discovery

✔ How to effectively utilize the Tribes feature

✔ How to read and understand Tailwind analytics

You Can Master Tailwind In 3 Easy Steps.

Step 1: Sign up for Tailwind (there’s a free trial period for both Pinterest & Instagram).

Step 2: Head on over to Simple Pin Media & grab Kate’s Master Tailwind course. Watch her video intro to learn all about what the course offers.

Step 3: Pin & Post 10-30 pins or instagram posts a day (you can get it done in about an hour a week).

Now, sit back, relax & enjoy life!

Go after what really matters - family, fun & chasing dreams.​

P.S.  I really want to tell you how great Tailwind for Instagram is too. I. Love. It. I’ve put it through its paces. Here’s what I like.

Go after the  the things in life that really matter - family, fun & chasing dreams. Use Tailwind to schedule all your Pins & IG posts. #Tailwind #Mompreneur.

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