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One Small Step

Captivating Compass – One Small Step at a time. We can chart a course for ambitious adventure, relaxed learning and wholesome living. The ideas for Captivating Compass have been brewing for some time. Ideas for me usually come one small step at a time. One thought, one inspiration or conviction.  The actual step took even longer.

I’ve wanted to start blogging for so many reasons, and felt held back for so many other reasons.  Finally, the kids are just a wee bit older, we’ve settled into the new rhythms and routines of a new country and I found myself wanting more.  More to invest in the people I care about, more space to process my thoughts and ideas (I can only go so far with a 7 and 11 year-old).  So here I am!  My passion is to create a place to share dreams, talk about life, and continue to invest in those around me – both near and far. I find such joy in my family, creating enjoyable learning experiences together and seeing as much of the world as time and money will afford.

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Step 1. Getting my bearings.

So that’s where I’ll start.  I want to focus on our life here in Scotland, home educating whilst living abroad and delving into the often elusive attempts  at wholesome living.  What does that mean anyway?  I mean, really, I’ve been hearing “Eat right & exercise” all my life.  Yep! Those are important. But, I’m wanting to nourish the soul and the spirit, not just the body, so I’m hoping to wrestle with that idea with you too.  I hope you will join me in the journey.

Step 2. Following the Map

I’ll be the first to say, I’ve NO IDEA how the technical side of blogging is going to pan out for me, so I’ll be learning as I go.  Grace, please!  I’ll try to figure it all out and make it more enjoyable for you and functional for all of us.  As the classical education philosophy promotes: If I have learned well the art of how to learn, I can learn anything.  That’s what I’m trying to instill in my kids, so here I go, leading by example!  Just another journey in which to orient my compass.

So, that’s the beginning!  I’ve got my compass out, and my map and now it’s time to start the journey.  Hope you will join me!


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