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London Visit – Is it worth it?

Image of street performer in London on busy street wih text overlay London, I s it worth it? Intentional family travel

Is a London visit worth it?

London is one of the biggest cities in the world and also one of the most popular destinations for family travelers that want to learn on location. But, is a London visit worth it? Does the thought of taking your precious family to a daunting city (where they drive on the other side of the road and primarily walk and use mass transit to get around strike the chord or anxiety and possibly even fear?

 Mama, I totally understand.

It’s hard enough to remember to look the proper direction before crossing for yourself, but adding in the constant need to keep your child from walking into traffic can be enough to put you off considering London with your family. After thinking about logistics and cost, you might be inclined to decide on a stay-cation. 

I’d honestly love for you to put your fear of oncoming traffic and travel budget woes to the side for a minute. I want you to see just a few of the reasons why going to London with your family is going to be the best family travel adventure ever! I’ll even show you keep it affordable. Grab your passport! Let’s go!

Get Ready To Experience London!

London is the perfect family destination to learn up close all about history. There are so many history museums in the UK (every city or town has their favorite) you can’t help but be drawn to explore your favorite time period.  London has some of the best museums in the world. Guess what. Almost all of them are free! I say almost because I’m sure there will be one private collection that will catch your fancy and you’ll want to splurge. But seriously, there are 23 free museums in London alone spanning science, history, art, military and even 2 museums dedicated to the history of London itself.   These 23 museums are free for everyone! Read all about London’s free museums and pick your favorites.

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And...Then There are The Castles…

While most castles and palaces don’t generally offer free admission, many of the gardens and surrounding grounds are gorgeous and free to stroll, picnic and play in. Perfect after a morning in a museum.  

I know, you really want to get a peek inside a few royal fortresses (there are 400 in England alone!) and there is a way to do it fairly inexpensively if you are able to make the time to visit a few.  The English Heritage Overseas Visitors Pass is all you need. Pick your dates, the duration for your trip and go have fun learning at castles. The London For Families City Guide outlines the most popular castles and museums in nine of London’s neighborhoods. So grab your pass, your London City Guide for Families and don’t forget your passport! The guide has everything else you need to organize your lodging, transportation, and exciting teachable moments.

You might want to add these castles to your list.

Making your London visit worth it.

I’ve gathered everything you need for your family travel adventure to London in the downloadable London For Families City Guide.  This guide will help make your London visit worth it by giving you all the information you need for 9 favorite London neighborhoods.

With these neighborhood-based guides, you’ll save time, money and energy. Since each guide highlights the most exciting activities for nine of London’s most popular neighborhoods, you can spend more quality time with your family & less time planning.

Overwhelmed Planning A London Visit?

Ok, I get it. It’s a big step. If you still aren’t sure how to get started planning for a family trip to London, I’ll help you out. Just sign up for the Ultimate UK Family Trip Planning Challenge.  I’ll walk you through every step from dreaming about London (and all of the UK) to arriving ready to learn on location. You’ll love it! It’s FREE!

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Image of street performer in London on busy street wih text overlay London, I s it worth it? Intentional family travel

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