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London neighborhoods – Westminster, Bloomsbury & Kensington 

London Neighborhoods you should visit Kensington, Westminster, & Bloomsbury

 Several London neighborhoods come to mind when you are thinking of traveling with kids – Bloomsbury, Kensington  & WestminsterLondon has some of the most family friendly neighborhoods we have visited.

You might think visiting some London neighborhoods with kids would be expensive. Well, I’ve figured out how it can be inexpensive,  educational (shhh, don’t tell the kids!) and a dream come true for many families.  If you haven’t been yet, I’ll show you everything you need to help make this adventure come true.  

Squash the doubt that London is too expensive, too dangerous or too sophisticated for your family.Click To Tweet

London Neighborhoods you should visit Kensington


This neighborhood is so posh you might not think it’s affordable.  But it is! There are loads of free museums including the V&A, the Natural History Museum & the Science Museum. Let the young kids play at the Princess Diana Playground then head to the street market or Harrod’s to grab some souvenirs or a spot of lunch. You can find out more about all the free parks & museums over here.  You can also grab the London for Families City Guide and see the treasure of inexpensive fun there is in this London neighborhood.

London Neighborhoods you should visit Bloomsbury


 If you only had time for one museum (and please make more time than that, if you can!) It should be the British Museum. This London neighborhood is just lovely with several parks nearby to help shake out the cobwebs after looking at all those artifacts.  The museum is so grand, so fabulous and so enormous.  It will easily take a whole day, but like a good wine it is enjoyed best in small sips.  The kids will appreciate soaking in a few areas or just the highlights.

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If you have the opportunity to spread your visit to this museum over 2 days (just a couple hours each day) everyone will enjoy it more. It’s rather like drinking from a firehose, otherwise. The London for Families City Guide wilt give you all the details to make the day in this neighborhood magical. I’ve even got the insiders information on what you need to keep the kids engaged at the museum. Grab your guide!

London Neighborhoods you should visit Westminster.


History, government, The Monarchy, it’s all here! Enjoy the gardens and take a walk along The Thames (or grab a take-away & find a bench). Enjoy the view of one of this London neighborhood. All those famous landscapes! W.O.W. If you are really keen on seeing Westminster or Buckingham Palace pre-book your tickets to avoid the ridiculous ques! This is a great opportunity to do a walking tour and get all those famous photo-op moments. There is beauty, history and a story to be told around every corner. Read up on Castles, Royals, & Theatre, then head over to the London City Guide for Families to find everything you need to make your visit spot on!

London for Families City Guide Bundle offers 33 free London activities, 19 Street Market Resources, 35 sites to budget for & pre-book and 20 memorable moment resources for kids. You can visit London on a travel budget. Buy the 9 neighborhood London for Families City Guide and also get 3 free bonuses.

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Squash the doubt that some London neighborhoods are too expensive, too dangerous or too sophisticated for your family. I've figured out how it can be inexpensive, educational (shhh, don’t tell the kids!) and a dream come true. I’ll show you everything you need to help make this adventure come true for yoru family.  

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