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Homeschool Ideas | k12 | Relaxed Learning |

Fresh homeschool ideas for the home stretch.

More than previous years, I’m ready for a change of pace.  It’s usually at this point in the school year I start sensing the burnout.  Can you relate?  It’s time to switch things up a bit at our house. I just picked up The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Vol. 2.  I can’t wait for this weekend when I can sit down with a hot drink and jump into this 300+ page ebook!  The iHomeschool Network has pulled together 38 moms to share their expertise on 57 topics!  It might take more than 1 weekend to read it cover to cover, but that’s what so fabulous about it.  It’s a resource with such great homeschool ideas,  you can keep going back to again and again.  Kids grow, family dynamics change and interests wax and wane. The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Vol. 2 will help you keep pace with it all.  

Homeschool Ideas | k12 | Relaxed Learning |

There are days it feels like we are just running a 3-ring circus, right?Click To Tweet

Ages & Stages: Teens & Beyond

Homeschool mamas are always on our toes, aren’t we? This first section is where we are at! Can you relate?  I’ve got a budding teenager on my hands and everythings seems like a moving target these days.  We are in flux!  This section has some great insight and helpful advice to set us on a path to adulthood and independence.

General Homeschool Helps If you are new to homeschooling, this section will help you make learning fun and interactive no matter the age of your kids. When I first started homeschooling I needed resources for every subject.  Well, The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas has got you covered: Language Arts, Literature, STEM, even Character Building (or as they like to call it – Training Hearts). 

Unique Needs Homeschool Situations

Let’s face it, each family is unique.  The reasons we homeschool are based around the unique needs of our families and our desire to meet those needs.  This section will encourage and inspire you if you are needing some insight into how to embrace homeschooling with your unique family.

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Unique Homeschool Solutions

Just like our families are unique, our situations are unique too.  Some folks have a very small space to homeschool in; others have large families. The kids are all at different stages.  Maybe you even have both of these situations! There are days it feels like we are just running a 3-ring circus, right?

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We also know that for the most part, none of our kids are at the same academic level in every subject.  Some are ahead in some subjects, but behind in others. No one fits into a neat little box, do they?  That’s the beauty of homeschool – they don’t have to!  The Big Book of Ideas Volume 2 has loads of resources to help your family ebb and flow through this homeschool journey with success and joy. I hope you enjoy the Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Vol. 2 as much as I do!

P.S. I’ve also put together a Free Resource to help you navigate curriculum choices. It’s proven helpful to many. I hope it’s useful to you too.

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas. 38 moms to share their homeschool expertise on 57 topics!

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