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Beauty & Simplicity on the Isle of Skye

Beauty and Simplicity on the Isle of Skye, Scotland


To experience the beauty & simplicity of the Isle of Skye, you’ll have to get outdoors and be prepared to get wet.  It’s called the Isle of Mist for it’s heavy, often fast moving clouds.  A downpour, followed by sunshine or a all-day heavy fog are not uncommon even in the middle of summer.  Pack your bag and don’t forget your waterproofs & your hiking shoes! We’re headed for the Isle of Skye!

Beauty on the Isle of Skye

Beauty and Simplicity on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Old Man of Storr – The hike to the Old Man of Storr is about an hour and half round trip. But plan for at least 2+ hours because you’ll stop to soak in the spectacular view . It’s only 3.8km (about 2.4 miles total). It’s considered a “medium” hike. Grab all the planning details for this hike in Trotternish, the region between Portree and Staffin and go visit the Old Man.


Beauty and Simplicity on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Fairy Pools at Glenbrittle – I love some of the names on the Isle of skye – at least the ones I can easily pronounce! Gaelic is the local  language so the signage can quickly turn into confusing tongue twisters for the non-Gaelic speakers.

 Glenbrittle, at the base of the Black Cuillin, is one of those magical places. With a name like “Fairy Pools” who can resist a hike to see this picturesque, outdoor wonderland. It’s a hike that most families would be able to do with school-aged children. It’s a gentle walk to the fairy pools with plenty of places to stop and enjoy the beauty of nature. You can even find a nice rock and have a spot of lunch if the weather cooperates. The walk back to the carpark has a surprising incline allowing for several stops to take just a few more pictures before you get back on the often congested, single track road.


Beauty and Simplicity on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Fairy Glen is near Uig (pronounced you-igg). The drive is breathtaking and the hike will make you think you are in another world. It’s best to plan to walk in from Uig or hire a shuttle, as the roads are narrow and can get quite congested in high season. Plan ahead  and then enjoy some well deserved fish & chips back in Uig before your next adventure.


Simplicity on the Isle of Skye

Beauty and Simplicity on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Portree, a quaint seaside town, is the largest on the Isle of Skye.  Portree is a beautiful place to enjoy a nice dinner, do some shopping and have a lovely walk around enjoying the slow pace that comes with your Isle of Skye adventure.


Beauty and Simplicity on the Isle of Skye, ScotlandArmadale Castle & the Clan Donald House – This castle ruin, botanic garden and exhibit centre is a perfect spot for family frolic around the grounds & a bit of clan history in the exhibit centre. They do a fine job of honouring Clan Donald and have an excellent history exhibit about the Highland Clearances. It’s a great place to stop if you are planning to take the ferry back to the Scottish mainland. You can also head over to some of the other Hebridean Islands.


Beauty and Simplicity on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Fish & Chips in Uig -You might not think there is much to see in Uig. You might be right. It’s a ferry port and a fishing village.  Enjoy some super fresh fish & chips before you head off for a hike or hop on a ferry to all points west. It’s a great mid-day stop if you’ve hiked all morning before you move on down the road.


Beauty and Simplicity on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Carbost, Talisker Whiskey Tour & Local Artisan Galleries – One of the best parts of touring the Scottish highlands is the distillery tours and whiskey tasting.  Carbost doesn’t disappoint. Talisker has a great selection, knowledgeable staff and an informative tour. There is also a lovely community with several local artisan galleries. Just follow the signs around town or ask a friendly local to point you in the right direction.

Beauty & Simplicity on the Isle of Skye

So, our trip to the Isle of Skye really messed with  my head. In a good way. I was awestruck by it’s beauty and simplicity. Yet I am saddened by the realities of Scottish history. I was brought up short again by the reality that throughout history, groups of people have been mistreated and disregarded by their neighbors. The people of the Isle of Skye have a history as rugged as the Isle’s landscape, yet they have endured and thrived.  Take some time to learn all you can about Clan Donald, Clan MacLeod and the Highland Clearances before you arrive. You will better appreciate the people and the island life they live. You will go away humbled, inspired and refreshed.

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Glasgow has the closest airport to the Isle of Skye.

From Glasgow you’ll need to rent a car or take a combination of train & bus service as there are no train directly to the Isle of Skye.

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The Scottish Highlands. Join me on our Highland trip from Dalwhinnie to Isle of Skye. Ambitious adventure awaits!Here’s some more about the Scottish Highlands, just in case you can’t get enough!

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Experience the beauty & simplicity of the Isle of Skye, Get outdoors and be prepared to get wet.

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