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Captivating Compass has another FREE Printable for all those using IEW for writing. It's will streamline your writing process. Get it today!


Ready to streamline your IEW writing?

If you know what IEW is, what www(.)asia(.)wub means and why every paragraph needs  decorations & dress-up, then you need this printable!

Don’t worry if you don’t know what I’m talking about! You can read all about why we love IEW. I’ve been using Institute for Excellence in Writing ( IEW.com) with my kids for several years now.  Almost everyone is FINALLY typing their own papers, so I decided it was time to step up the organization and ease of reading, analyzing and grading of the topics they write about.  Can I just say, “What a lifesaver!” Each of us is finding such ease in using this IEW writing template.  It has totally streamlined my homeschool day!  Grading is quicker, papers are easier to read. Kids feel more successful and organized about the work they are turning in!  We are loving it! I hope you will too!

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post about why Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW.com) is one of my favorite resources. IEW has so much to offer!  Pre-K to college level reading, writing & grammar.  If you haven’t read it yet, you can hop on over and check out why they are one of our family’s Top 5 Curriculum Choices this year.

How to get your hands on this FREE template.IEW Writing Template. this writing template will save everyone time with writing assignments. Perfect for ALL types of IEW writing assignments. Captivating Compass latest printable, available FREE when you join my mailing list!

Click on the picture. You can check out the template and get your family using it today by signing up for access to all my free printables.  Including the growing selection of travel and organizing printables. (I’ll also send you regular updates, so sign up with your best email address). 

Once you have confirmed your email, you’ll get the member’s access password and you will be on your way to accessing your IEW Template. Included with the printable  is a paragraph my daughter wrote using the template. Just a little example to show you how it works.  Don’t worry, it’s super easy!  Everything on how to use the template is in the instructions.  You are gonna love this printable! I just know it!

At Captivating Compass, part of my goal is to put tools  in your hands to make the job of teaching less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone. I’m looking forward to sharing the journey of relaxed learning, ambitious adventure and wholesome living with you!


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Can I just say, “What a lifesaver!” Each of us is finding such ease in using this IEW writing template.  It has totally streamlined my homeschool day!

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