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Home School Geography Curriculum | Geography Map Skills | Homeschool Geography Ideas | Home Ed GeographyDid you catch my post about our drama & trauma with making mid-year curriculum changes.  I promised to show you our top home school curriculum choices and some samples to try .  I’m here to deliver on that promise!  If you haven’t read “Navigating Curriculum Choices – Part 1, you might want to head on over and check it out.

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We’re Talkin’  Geography (with some history & mapping thrown in to make it even MORE fun!).

Knowledge Quest 

We tried this home school curriculum as a supplement for history & geography. My kids LOVE all things history, so why not add a supplement!  Their “Children’s Geography” series is absolute tops!  It’s like going on an overseas trip without the jet lag!  This year we are doing their Medieval History (Vol. IV).  We checked out their sample chapters which covered Spain & Portugal.  The kids enjoyed it so much they wanted to start doing it in the summer before school actually began.  And, we are now planning a spring trip to Spain!

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Why we think Knowledge Quest is a great homeschool curriculum:

      • PDF ebooks – We will probably be reading them on the airplane!
      • Links within the e-book for videos that cover cultural aspects of each country including really cool things that you are not going to find in a classroom textbook or a travel guidebook.
      • Maps! Lots of maps!
      • Country specific history timelines.
      • If the read-aloud isn’t lively enough for you; they also include activities, recipes, and passports to fill in for each country. Something for every stage or style of learning.

Knowledge Quest has loads of other curriculum choices as well.

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Home School Curriculum | Geography Map Skills | Homeschool Geography Ideas | Home Ed Geography

Here’s a link to the other top  homeschool curriculum choices so far:

Compass Classroom

Homeschool Adventure

Institute for Excellence in Writing

Khan Academy 

What are your favorite homeschool curriculum choices and why does your family love them? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Using A Children's Geography as our home school geography curriculum is like taking an overseas vacation every time we study the world.

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