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Celebrate blogging with these great blogging tools.

Happy Blog-iversary, Mompreneur!

I can not believe it has been a year since I jumped head-first into the blogging world.  It’s been an adventurous journey.  I’m so glad I’m doing it!  A year ago I did not know the difference between a post and a page; what a widget was or what to do with a plug-in.  

I. Knew. Nothing.

I asked a friend who had recently started a blog what she recommended and she gave me her affiliate link. I knew what it would do (pay her a little for sharing someone else’s product). But again, I had no idea how to get those gizmos on my website.  I had so much to learn! 

So, the first thing I did was gather a few mompreneur tools that have been totally worth every penny. Without the right tools I have no hope of achieving my goal of creating a place that encourages others.

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Mompreneur 101 an online business community for the homeschooling, mompreneur.Hope for the Journey

Are you ready to jump into the world of a mompreneur? Are you just lost in all the techie stuff? You might want to consider this awesome tool to help you get off the ground and start on a successful path.

 I think the single most important quality  anyone can provide to a new blogger is quality customer service. Whether it’s via a chat box, a Facebook community or email. This has been what I’ve relied on so much to get me back on track when I gotten lost in the blogging forest. So many tools have given me excellent guidance. I’d probably given up long ago if it weren’t for everyone’s encouragement and patience with me.

My most favorite tool in my mompreneur toolbox.

It’s  the Mompreneur 101* course I enrolled in. It has changed my life!

About 6 months into this blogging gig I realized I was a bit different.  I was overwhelmed by how fast others were getting a return on their time and financial investment, while I still slogged away trying to figure things out. Comparison consumed me. I was almost ready to throw in the towel & call it quits.  With homeschooling, blogging and all the other normal mom duties, I was stretched pretty thin.  Something had to change if this blog thing was going to get off the ground.

Then I got an email from a fellow homeschool mom. I had bought her curriculum the previous year and just loved it.  But this was no curriculum email.  She was inviting me to join OTHER homeschool mompreneurs in an online class to grow our businesses together.

Mompreneur 101 an online business community for the homeschooling, mompreneur.

This was my missing piece!  

One thing I realized in all the comparing I was doing is that many mompreneurs are not homeschooling.  Those of us who do homeschool have a unique set of circumstances that cause us to have to work differently to achieve the same goals.  Mompreneur 101 changed the game for me.  In the first 6 months, I formed a vision, niche, ideal customer, grew my email list ten fold, and launched my first product. Terri gave excellent guidance at every step.  She encouraged, listened and made me stop and answer the hard questions first.  It has been a challenging 6 months filled with growth and enthusiasm.

And the group camaraderie is some of the best you will find. Loads of different niches, tons of life experience, and all of us raising kids and building businesses. This is my tribe!

Homeschooling Mompreneur. Come join the family.

Come Join Our Mompreneur Family!

Right now Terri is opening enrollment for her next class. She only does this a couple times a year because she wants to give her students the specialized attention required to make it to their next level of success. As an introduction, she’s offering a couple videos from the class for free.  Folks, these will change your perspective on life, family and business! I cried during the first video. I am so relieved that someone truly understood my situation and wanted to empower me with tools, knowledge and experience to achieve my dreams.  

Do you want to know what kind of mentor/coach Terri is? These videos will give you a taste. So sign up, then go watch the videos (they’re free until enrollment closes). Learn how Mompreneur 101 can help you grow your family while you grow your business.

* Terri only opens enrollment twice a year for this course, so if you sign up you’ll be notified when enrollment opens again.

Come Join Our Mompreneur Family! Learn how Mompreneur 101 can help you grow your family while you grow your business.

2 comments on “Happy Blog-iversary, Mompreneur!”

  1. Karen Reply

    I am excited to see all the stuff you’re doing, Shannan! One thing I like about the course is that it helps those who are ready to move ahead (like you) to get going, but Terri is also understanding and available with advice for those (like me) who had time to work a lot for a while, and now need to concentrate on homeschooling – while not giving up on the business! The course is encouraging without being intimidating.

    • Shannan Swindler Reply

      Karen, I’m excited for you too! Terri does such a good job of meeting each of us where we are at and guiding us to the next step. She is such a wealth of knowledge on so many things it’s such a gift to get to learn from her. Stay Captivated!

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