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Digital Curriculum And Homeschool Advent Calendar

image of snowflakes falling at sunset wit text overlay Advent Calendar of Deals for Digital Homeschool

A Digital Curriculum And Homeschool Advent Calendar

Don’t you just love this time of year! Gift giving and celebrating the joy of the holiday season with friends and family.  As a digital homeschooling family, coming up with unique ways to educate and inspire can sometimes be challenging. I know I’m not the only one who wants to give meaningful gifts to those they love. Nurturing our families with a rich learning environment is so rewarding.

Scroll Down for today's Advent Goody

A Digital Family Homeschool Advent Calendar

Nurture Awe & Wonder

Now, I’m guessing that most kids won’t want every gift they get to be stuff for school, but I know Mom (or Dad) wants to instill a sense of awe and wonder with learning something new every single day.

I got to thinking…hmmm what about an Advent Calendar of nurturing ideas and freebies for the digital homeschooling family?! I’ve even thrown in some digital homeschool deals too!

So here it is! For all who love to learn, love to inspire through experiences and endeavor to learn on location (wherever that may be), this digital homeschool Advent calendar is for you!

May this holiday season be merry and bright for you no matter where you live or how you educate!

Merry Christmas!

grab all the Advent Goodies below

Plan Your Next Learn On Location Adventure! 

Maps woth text overlay. 'Let's Study Dublin, the world is your textbook.

Grab your copy of the Let’s Study Dublin e-book for 20% off!  Use this coupon code: DublinAdvent. 

Here’s what the Dublin activities guide includes:

  • Dublin Zoo – One of the world’s oldest zoos.
  • Dublinia – Come learn all about the Vikings & Medieval Dublin
  • Bray Cliff Walk – a great family walk from Greystone to Bray
  • Guinness Storehouse – There is so much to learn at this iconic Irish establishment.
  • Kilmainham Gaol – Learn the history of how Ireland gained its independence.
  • Museum of Archeology – Learn about the Bronze Age, Vikings, the Treasury and so much more.

BONUS LOCATION: Trinity College & The Book of Kells

Each Dublin destination/activity is separated into three sections:

  • Know Before You Go
  • Learn on Location
  • Capturing Memories

Additional Bonus Material included with Let’s Study Dublin:

  • Pack Less. Travel More – A packing list and tutorial for the whole family.
  • 6 MORE chapters to help you plan your Dublin lessons and your trip.

Buy  “Let’s Study Dublin” now.

image of old typewriter key with text overlay saying: Curriculum: Make the best choices. Free Download

Before you start dreaming about next year’s curriculum, you might find it helpful to evaluate where you are and where you want to go with your curriculum and your kids.  Grab this PDF and learn how to make the best curriculum choice for your family.

Read the full post – Curriculum Frustration Solved.

You ARE an artist - Logo

Less than $4 a week for art lessons for the whole family? Yes! And you just add chalk pastels and construction paper. How easy is that? Annual You ARE an Clubhouse membership is open! 🎉 Take a look at what is coming up! Plus there are so many more bonuses 🎨. 

You ARE An Artisit Clubhouse logo

Tab ContentA Geography curriculum that reads like a travel guide! It's digital and softcover with engaging of supplemental activities and video links for each country.

We tried this Knowledge Quest’s A Children’s Geography curriculum as a supplement for history & geography. My kids LOVE all things history, so why not add a supplement!  Their “Children’s Geography” series is absolute tops!  It’s like going on an overseas trip without the jet lag!  This year we are doing their Medieval History (Vol. IV).  We checked out their sample chapters which covered Spain & Portugal.  The kids enjoyed it so much they wanted to start doing it in the summer before school actually began.  And, we are now planning a spring trip to Spain!

Read the entire post about A Children’s Geography.

Explore Knowledge Quest’s geography curriculum page.

image of child with releasing paper lantern at sunset with text overlay Packing with Kids: Packing Tutorial.

With our simple tutorial, you’ll have your family packed and out the door in no time. Ready for the next big adventure.

  • Cultivate independence and responsibility.
  • Quick prep for adventures abroad or weekends away.
  • Pack light and tight in just a carry-on.

Tap the image or go here to get your Packing With Kids Packing Tutorial.

Teaching without chairs. An experiment to remember

An Experiment to Remember fills your December with memorable science experiments and uses them as object lessons to teach about the Savior’s life! 
These Christmas science activities are so fun to do that older kids don’t mind repeating them if they’ve already seen them, and younger kids feel like they’re doing magic!
Each lesson in An Experiment to Remember includes: 
* a science activity, experiment, or demonstration!
* the “science” behind why it works!
* a scripture about Jesus and how it can be tied to the science project! 
* a thought question to make the lesson personally meaningful!
* a printable ornament related to the lesson to color in and hang on your tree! The ornaments are coloring-book style and relate to the lesson.

Click here to view more details. It’s only $9.95 Use Discount Code CHRISTMAS to save $2! 

Institute for Excellence in Writing‘s Virtual Winter Retreat starts tomorrow!  Register today. It’s Free! It’s been a source of encouragement for me for several years now. If you aren’t familiar with IEW, you can read why IEW is one of our top choices in curriculum.

The Mystery of History Series
Did you know the Mystery of History series is available in ePub and Kindle versions now?  Just look for the Student Reader and Companion Guide.  It’s so engaging and fun! The folks at Bright Ideas Press have also come up with a card game called Civitas. It’s all about world governments. Grab your’s today – what a great little stocking stuffer or even a family gift.

Online Family Book Clubs

Give your kids the opportunity to be inspired by reading!

Literary Adventures For Kids (and families) is perfect for the digital homeschooling family! I’m the slowest reader in our house now, and really have trouble keeping ahead when it comes to literature study. These book clubs will
  • Allow your children to dig deeper and be inspired by literature.
  • Eliminate the overwhelmed of teaching and planning a literature study.
  • Encourage you to meet with other families and experience book clubs together.

Through the end of December, you can enroll in The House On Pooh Corner online book club for free! You can also use coupon code: Advent2018 in their store and save $5 off other Literary Adventures for Kids until the end of the year too.

The House at Pooh Corner Nature Book Club

Girl with orange back pack facin yellow wall. with text overlay saying

The definition of a worldschooler can be pretty broad.  My definition of a  worldschooler is choosing to learn on location by using the world as your textbook.  That can happen in any country and any neighborhood.  Digital homeschooling brings the world to you in a powerful way. 

Are you curious what’s in a worldschooler’s backpack/carry-on.? It’s probably almost the same as what you might take to a co-op or community day – except less paper and more clothes (maybe!) Grab ideas on how to upgrade your families gear and become a worldschooler who loves learning on location.

This one is just for the ladies! Get ready for some quality character building with this exclusive discount on “For We Are Know” Fruits of the Spirit Bible study guide. Read Michelle’s post and then head over and get your copy for a perfect Bible study for 2019. I’ve worked out a special discount just for you! You can save $5 off the Fruits of the Spirit Bible study until 31-Dec-2018, just use coupon code Advent2018






What Really Happened In History?

These books, available as pdf, will engage your history loving student. They are perfect as chapter books or a read aloud.  Head on over and grab the FREE sample chapters and see for yourself why we love the What Really Happened series.

Chalk Pastels: Art in Space

Do you need some science inspiration? Why not incorporate some art too! These Art in Space chalk pastel lessons are perfect of a relaxing science lesson. You could couple it with a children’s science audiobook like these at LibriVox and that’s science (and art!) sorted!

Roman pillar with latin writing. Text overlay saying 'Latin, struggle no more.'

We love Latin at our house (we really do)! But there are days when it is a struggle to conjugate and decline those verbs and nouns without going Cray Cray!

There are so many reasons to love Compass Classroom’s Visual Latin. I have some fairly specific criteria for most of my curriculum choices now that we live outside the US.  Ideally, it should be .pdf-based and/or streamed content. This allows us to go anywhere and still accomplish school.  All we need is a Wi-Fi connection! Oh, and earbuds!

Read the whole post. Latin, Struggle No More – Visual Latin.

Go to Compass Classroom’s Free Resources Page

Plan Your Next Learn On Location Adventure! 

Traveling to London with kids is now in your reach!

Are you ready to take your family on a trip of a lifetime for a fraction of the cost most travelers spend? Realize your huge travel savings potential with the help of London For Families City Guide.

4 Steps to Affordably Learning on Location in London.

  1. Buy The London For Families City Guide
  2. Choose Your Neighborhood(s). 
  3. Set Your Budget. 
  4. Learn On Location.

Buy London for Families City Guide and save 20% with coupon code: LondonAdvent. Sale ends 31-Dec-2018.

Hooray for happy, math lovin kids! Khan Academy for the Win!

If you struggle with some of the new concepts in teaching math, as I do, you too will appreciate Sal Khan. Khan Academy offers way more than math, but that’s what we use it for the most.  It’s a vast platform for learning no matter your age.  They are constantly adding new subjects. And it all FREE!  There are no samples on the site.  But once you sign up and let your kids try it, they will love it!  

Read the whole Khan Academy post. 

If you are looking for online maths curricula aligned with UK standards, visit Allison.com. (for secondary students) or check out the Doodle Maths app for primary students.

Do your kids love building amazing machines with stuff you find at home? Then they will love this course. Jam.com’s Invent Your Own Machines course contains 12 packs (modules) and 72 projects!  You can get a free trial or give it as a gift. This one is definitely on my 10 year old’s Christmas list.
According to Jam.com,  “An inventor will show you engineering skills using everyday materials. You’ll build catapults, mechanical arms, and mazes for your own Rube Goldberg machine.”

Nativity Shoppe

Hop on over and enjoy some massive savings. You’ll find the best deals in the outlet section. It’s a perfect time to grab what you need for next semester. 

12days of Christmas giving sign up for IEW

IEW’s Twelve Days of Christmas Giving (December 26th-January 6th) is by far their biggest event of the year. Throughout the event, they will send a link each day to everyone who has registered. You will be given access to download a free gift, offer free shipping, and on day twelve, we send a physical gift by mail. Sign up here to get notifications.

London with kids is a perfect first place to take your family on a family field trip! 

Looking For That BIG Gift?
Plan Your Family Field Trip To London

image of the Tower Bridge, in London at night with text overlay: How to plan theultimate UK trip 5 day challenge - subscriber exclusive.

I’ve put together everything you need for an epic family adventure where you can learn on location all at the same time. You can sign up for the FREE Ultimate UK Trip Planning 5-Day Challenge. If you’re the spontaneous type,  grab the London For Families city guide bundle and hit the ground running. I’ve put together enough resources that you can plan it on the fly. Just pick your neighborhoods and go have fun learning on location!

Are you ready for a Christmas break walk? Enjoy using Homeschool Mastery Academy’s Exclusive Winter Nature Journal this holiday season in your homeschool. It’s on sale for 1/2 price! 

Nothing is more peaceful and serene than watching nature in action with your family. With our journal, your students can record their exciting discoveries while exercising their language arts, observation, and artistic skills. 

The Winter Nature Journal takes the guesswork out of what to write so your child can feel successful with their journaling time. They’ve included some sensory prompts to engage your children in delighting of the sights, smells, and feelings of Winter.

This journal is print and go; it makes for a simple yet effective way to encourage your children to explore the season.

Buy once and use year after year!

Visual Latin is the bomb! My kids love it! Every. Single. School Day. Learn & Laugh your way thru latin!

Ready to master a new language in 2019? Rocket Languages will help you speak and understand a language faster. Until December 31-2018, you can save $50 on a language course at Rocket Languages. Enroll now! 

Do you love Christmas songs? I love 'em! Lately I've been keen to see what other countries sing at Christmas time to celebrate the season. So today's Wanderlust Advent Freebie is Christmas songs from around the world. I hope you enjoy them! #Christmas #Wordschooling #ChristmasSongs

Are all things Christmas ramping up at your house? Mine too! How about some Christmas music? It’s perfect to set the festive mood and learn a little about Christmas in other parts of the world.

Enjoy these Christmas carols from around the world.

Traditions! Wanderlusters love learning and experiencing the traditions of other countries and people groups, don't we? I'm sure you will get at lease one person asking you

Does your family love to experience the traditions of other countries? Here are a few to explore: Christmas traditions from around the world.

If your keen to experience Europe, explore these country collections of posts. You’ll find everything you need to plan your trip to  Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, England, Scotland, Belgium. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Just for you on Christmas Day is a Christmas playlist I found on YouTube. If you like Pentatonix, you’ll LOVE this playlist!

And here’s a few free classic Christmas stories the whole family will enjoy.

Ready To Learn On Location?

If you’re keen to take your learning to the next level, head over to the Wanderlust Advent Calendar and grab all the wanderlust family travel  goodies over there on the Wanderlust Advent Calendar.

Family Travel + Digital Homeschool Curricula = Learning On Location

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