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Curriculum Frustration. It’s Happens!

You fell in love with that curriculum at some point, then IT happens! You get that “niggle” that something’s just not right. Curriculum Frustration.   The kids aren’t inspired, you’re frustrated and the day drags on and on and on. Then there’s the tears.  Can you tell I’ve been there? More than once, unfortunately!  What worked for one kid will likely not be so smooth for another (at least not at our house!). So, how do you get past curriculum frustration and find a good fit?

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Observe & Reflect.

First, just take a step  back. Observe and reflect a little. Recognize your kid’s progress (academically, developmentally, socially and emotionally). Then begin exploring new avenues. We had to do this with Math.  We stumbled and fumbled thru several math curriculums. Each brought more curriculum frustration that the last. Until we settled on Khan Academy.  It’s been a great fit!  Math curriculum frustration solved with Sal Khan in the house!  I’ve put together a printable that goes along with this post.  When you join my mailing list you will get it for free!  It will walk you through all the steps. 

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Self Check & Reflect.

Curriculum Frustration Solved. Captivating Compass to the rescue! FREE printable.When I come head-to-head with curriculum frustration, it’s time for some academic soul-searching on my part.   I check-in and see if the reason for the challenges in a particular subject are because I’m missing the mark. Am I spending the needed time to prep so that I’m an effective teacher or am I just winging it?  Maybe the curriculum is not suited to my child’s learning style.  Let’s face it, maybe it’s just a boring subject and I need to find a supplement to breath some life into it.

After all that introspection, it’s time to look at different curriculum.  Base your selections that cater to your teaching style, your child’s learning-style and your academic goals. These three elements are key! There are so many philosophies, teaching styles and curriculum!  Find a good fit. Sometimes this is quite a process, isn’t it! (That’s why I leave it most to the lazy days of summer.) Observe each child.

Research Resources & Try Samples.

Narrow it down to 1 or 2 (ok, maybe 3). Now, roll up your sleeves and try something new! When you finish, sit-down and discuss likes and dislikes about the particular subject at hand with everyone involved in the decision. Our family does this together. 

Feeling Overwhelmed?

 Sign up for the  free printable is a great resource to walk thru all phases of selecting new curriculum. 

 Curriculum Frustration Solved. Captivating Compass to the rescue! FREE printable.Talk With Your Kids.

I encourage you to start a dialogue with your children. Find out:

  • What did they like about the different subjects you’ve encountered.
  • Which subjects did they feel confident in and really enjoy.
  • What subjects that they find difficult, or uninspiring.  

Listen to their insight and then start looking for answers.  Ask other homeschool families what they have used or if they have encountered similar challenges. You can even write me a note.  I’d be happy to try and help you navigate thru a bumpy patch.  

Switch Things Up!

Switching things up sometimes is all that’s needed to breathe life back into subjects like Latin or Biology. (Here’s my post on why we LOVE Latin)  The samples will usually encourage everyone in some way. You will either find you really do like what you started with originally, or that everyone is ready to move on and try something new.  Let the adventure begin!

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How do you go about finding subjects that are a good fit with your family?

Don’t forget about the printable! Sign up to get the “Navigating Curriculum Choices” printable ! Hope it encourages you as you capture your thoughts, ideas and observations!

You fell in love with that curriculum at some point, then IT happens! Something's just not right.  Yep, curriculum frustration.

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