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Christmas Freebies At Your Fingertips! Do you need a gift organizer and Wish list or maybe something to keep the kids occupied while you wrap up things for under the Christmas tree. If you have all that done, then the Packing with Kids printable is what will help if you are "going over the river and thru the woods" this holiday season! Check out all my latest freebies & more in my latest post.


It’s Christmas Freebies Galore around here!!

 I’ve got a couple new FREE Printables for you. I just found out about a fun math diversion for the kiddos & IEW is getting ready for the gift giving season in a big way! So  keep reading to the end and you will have Christmas organized in a snap!!

Christmas Freebies to Help You Get Christmas Organized in a Snap!If you are still trying to figure out what your family really wants for Christmas, this wish list will help a ton!  I even had my kids put the price, and location (page in catalog, website, etc.) so I could easily see what they wanted & I could quickly check it out.  We did have a wee discussion about budget as we were dreaming too! I also  made a Gift Organizer Sheet to help you keep track of your budget & each gift you are giving.  Sign up here to get this freebie and access to my members only page.  I’ll even start sending you my regular updates!

Free Gift Giving Organizer | Gift Planner

Keep your kids happily focused

so you can work on all things Christmas!

Yep! Khan Academy is having its “Hour of Code”!  This is such a great tool to introduce your family to simple coding.  It’s easier than it sounds! You can imagine my kids’ reaction when I mentioned this morning that they didn’t need to do math this week.  Pretty sure they thought I had lost my mind because they know we ALWAYS do math.  Then, I told them  they get to do “The Hour of Code”.  They were excited, to put it mildly!  Jumping around, “Yippee”-ing and discussing who gets to go first.  You would have thought that Santa came early this year!

So, check it out! They have click & drag drawing for the younger kids or those new to coding. For the more experienced ones there is “The Hour of Webpages” and  “The Hour of Databases”. I’m even going to take a look at the webpages one and see if I can learn anything new!

For parents & teachers there are even suggestions to get the most out of this FREE resource. They have separate links for both.  But you might find helpful ideas in both places. Here ya go!


“IEW’s 12 Days of Christmas”

Another great freebie this season is “IEW’s 12 Days of Christmas”.  It doesn’t start until December 26, but you can sign up early to get their reminders of what they are offering for the 12 days.  They ALWAYS have great items! In the past they have had free podcast/mp3’s to download, and great language arts printables .  I thoroughly enjoyed all my items last year & refer back to them regularly!

So if you are looking for encouragement or just something fun to learn that helps the kiddos pay some attention to school in the midst of all things Christmas, then these are 2 great places to start.  I love quality diversions!


Christmas Freebies to Help You Get Christmas Organized in a Snap!Finally, if you haven’t done it yet, give yourself an early Christmas gift and sign-up for my blog posts to be sent directly to you.  When you sign up you will get free access to all my Free printables.  I’ve started a collection for both home school things like how to choose curricula to fit your family and teaching style. Here’s the blog post that goes with the curricula printable.  I also have a Packing with Kids printable and blog post.  If you are going “over the river and thru the woods” this holiday season, this will definitely come in handy.  You’ll have everyone packing their own bags in no time flat!

Now, where did I put that Christmas Wish List…….

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