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Psst! Here’s my secrets for cheap flights to Europe.

If you live anywhere in Europe, you may already know how ridiculously cheap flights within Europe can be. But I’ve seen folks miss out on great deals because they limit their airline choices to the big airlines.  For North American folks, once you get yourself to a major European city, you can save so much money by transferring to a budget airline if you are not at your final destination. Or maybe you would rather fly to several major cities rather that take the train, bus or ferry.  Budget airlines are the way to go to get cheap flights to Europe. Find out  about my favorite search engines to plan air (and ground) transportation, and you’ll be all set to hit the tarmac with money to spend when you get there.


Travel Tips to Pack Like a Pro! Ryan Air and Easy Jet.

It’s true, no matter where I start searching, I ALWAYS comparison-shop with low fare airlines like Ryan Air and Easy Jet. These are 2 of my favourite for the UK and Europe budget airlines. I’ve used them both & have had nothing but good experiences. If you live in the US, these are similar to Southwest Airlines or JetBlue. Fiddle around at the different websites making sure you use the “low fare calendar” or “fare finder” style options.  Then, compare what you find on the budget airline site with or

If you are new to the whole cheap flights to Europe game, then make sure you read up on what to expect from the airline you choose.  Most are carry on luggage friendly (confirm your dimensions, sometimes they vary), and there are usually no in flight meals except for purchase. Also, you can take more than carry-on luggage, but it gets a bit pricey!

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Norwegian Airlines

These guys are somewhat new on the budget airlines scene, and they are making some noise. Not only do they fly within the UK and Europe, they fly FROM 12 US airports.  Their fare calendar is super easy to use too!  Just put in your destination, budget and travel dates and it will point you toward your dream destination(s).  If you plan early, you might snag a long-haul trip for under $200 each way! Click here to find out their latest offers!

Iceland Air

Ohh! Another favorite of mine! I don’t know that I would consider them a budget airline, but it is certainly reasonably priced with 33 US airports flying to their hub in Reykjavik.  From there, you can fly to 56 European destinations.  I like Iceland Air for 2 big reasons for my family.  There are loads of other reasons too, but his is what sold me.

  1. You see, I can fly from my hometown of Portland, OR to the UK/Europe with only 1 plane change.  With the longest part of the flight at the beginning of the trip. This  makes it great for getting kids settled in (and hopefully sleeping a few hours).Remember, less transfers = less missed flights.
  2. They have stop-over options.  Yes! You can stop over for up to 7 nights in Iceland without increasing the price of your tickets! We just had friends take advantage of this after visiting us in Scotland. What a way to celebrate an anniversary!London for Families City Guide Bundle offers 33 free London activities, 19 Street Market Resources, 35 sites to budget for & pre-book and 20 memorable moment resources for kids. You can visit London on a travel budget. Buy the 9 neighborhood London for Families City Guide and also get 3 free bonuses.


Oh! One Last Thing!


Bucket List | Switzerland Travel | Swiss Rail Pass | Visit Switzerland | Swiss Alps Vacation | Bed & Breakfast Bern | Hotels in Bern | Youth Hostel Switzerland | übernachtung Bern | Jugendherberge Bern | Bern | Places to see in SwitzerlandOh! This should save help some time (and money!). Set up alerts at sites 


like  Kayak  and Skyscanner, as well as a few of your favorite budget airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet.  You’ll have to create an account, but that’s free, so not a big deal. When I get a price reduction alert, I hop on over to cross-check all my favorite budget airlines and see if they are dropping their price too. I’m looking for the low fare leader!  Then, when vacation time has been approved, it’s time to commit to the airfare and buy the tickets from the site offering the best price. Easy Peasy!

Alright, so you’ve picked your destination city; you have a good handle on airfare.  You  may have even bought your tickets from a budget airline.  Are you getting excited? Sounds like you’re ready to get going on an itinerary. I’ll cover that next time.  

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I’d love to hear from you in the comments about your travel planning dreams!  What’s your favorite budget airline?  

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