There are so many awesome Swiss outdoor activities, I'm not quite sure how to narrow it down. You could easily go for a a
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Excitement = Museums x Coffee2

Well my kids would say cookies, candy, cola or cream puffs, but whatever! We planned to experience an exhibit dedicated to the life and works of one of the greatest people of the 20th century. I needed reinforcements. The Einstein Museum is just one of the many things to do in Bern with kids. Thankfully good coffee (and cream puffs!) is easy to find in Switzerland.

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Did you catch my recent post about why you shouldn’t plan for only 1 day in Bern?  I highlight the details of loads of things to do in Bern that really need to be on your bucket list. I even included tips on logistics and how to save a few Swiss Franc along the way.  Check out the  Bern City guide for more awesome insider tips.

Bern is only about an hour train ride from Basel or Zurich airports and only 2 hours from Geneva’s Airport. So grab breakfast and head for the train, We’re going to Bern for the day!

When you get off the train, get your bearings grab a quick coffee.

Head into the Old City.  It’s been around since the medieval ages and is considered a Unesco World Heritage Site.  Bern, has oodles of engaging things to see along the way to the museum.

If the prices are causing heart palpitations, I’ve got a secret!  

Here’s my little secret. When you’re ready to eat, walk a few streets  away from the central shopping arcade.  It gets surprisingly local very quickly.  You will find cheese, meat, and bread shops every few blocks, so it will be quite easy to put together a picnic style lunch to eat in a park or along the river. If you are famished and need food quick, Migros & Coop are on the Arcade and easy to locate. If you are heading straight to the Einstein Museum first, work out your plan for food before you head over.  There is not much is the way of inexpensive eats once you cross the river. 

Now, back to seeing all the magnificent, old architecture, fountains, museums, and street cars. Yup, you share the road with the cars and street cars if you opt to not walk through the shopping arcade. Enjoy the experience, but be careful!  I got so busy taking a picture of a fountain, the tram driver had to honk his horn at me! I’m sure I wasn’t the the first!

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Excitement = Museums x Coffee2

Bucket List | Switzerland Travel | Swiss Rail Pass | Visit Switzerland | Swiss Alps Vacation | Bed & Breakfast Bern | Hotels in Bern | Youth Hostel Switzerland | übernachtung Bern | Jugendherberge Bern | Bern | Places to see in SwitzerlandEinstein Museum

Ready? It’s just across the bridge and close to the Alpines Museum der Schweiz. If you are wanting to splurge on a meal, the bistro attached to the Bern History Museum is lovely. There is so  much to take in at the History Museum, you might want to eat before you go in, if time allows.  There’s nothing but the Bistro close by, so plan ahead if you need to.  

The Einstein Museum took us several hours.  It was so absolutely fantastic! All science-y,  history and even some art all wrapped into one.  We learned so much about World War II history from the perspective of a Jewish scientist living in Switzerland.  It’s the kind of learning that won’t come from a text book.  The museum also did an excellent job of making Einstein’s Theory of Relativity approachable and understandable.  Videos, and hands on activities really helped simplify Einstein’s ideas for the not-so-genius masses.

Bernisches Historisches Museum.

Since the Einstein Museum is in the same gorgeous building as the History Museum, I recommend heading outside for some fresh air before you hit the rest of the History Museum.  Our brains were on overload after just the Einstein Museum!  We did head back in to see the highlights of the museum as it is (what I would consider) one of the best museums of Swiss history in the country.  There is so much to learn about this tiny, quiet, neutral country!

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Bucket List Friendly Budget

Traveling with kids means stretching the budget to make the most of your bucket list travel dream. For us, this was a somewhat expensive day as we splurged on the Bistro, but we still came in at budget of about 100CHF a day for food.  Which is easier when there are just three of us, like today. Don’t forget your Swiss Train Pass will help you save on over 450 museums in Switzerland.

What’s FREE in Bern with your Swiss Rail Pass.

What’s FREE even without the train pass.

I’ll say it again…We went for the museum, we stayed for the park, the bears, the shopping, the culture and the food.  Clearly we did not plan enough time in Bern. We will save what we missed for next time. There will be a “next time”!

Make the wise decision to stay a day or two in Bern.

Here’s some lodging tips to help you save a few Swiss Francs.

Don’t forget to grab  your Swiss Rail Pass and start saving on all those museum entrance fees.

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Tips and things to do in Bern, Switzerland with kids.

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